You often come in my dreams now

You often come in my dreams now,
where everything is at peace somehow.
You are wearing a pale white dress,
your long hair open and your bright smile to impress.

You look at me intently as if there is something to tell,
You try and try but you can’t explain it well.
I struggle to understand what you want to convey,
Perhaps of things unsaid that would have explained everything away.

Why everything suddenly went blur and under a haze.
And why you went silent and started to prefer days,
With my absence and without my face,
and are now comfortable staying this way.

In those moments, I murmur a silent prayer for things to be still,
where I can pause and just look at you till
it takes me back to a time more sincere and kind,
and often an evening comes to my mind.

For some reason, it has stuck from all the moments we had.
You drove us home after having lunch and I was just glad,
for a banter refusing to die, to be in your company and loving care,
the disbelief of being this fortunate and life being this fair.

Then it all disappears often waking me up to an unknown fear,
of not having you around for my future joys, love, and tears.
An absence I couldn’t predict and that leaves me confused,
with a mournful heart and all time stands disproved.

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