Re-brand yourself- Mr. Chief Minister

In his latest ‘message to common man’, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has declared that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to get him killed. He has asked his party volunteers to be ready for a fight, that could end with their death. He has asked them to talk to their family members, and be prepared for all consequences. [1]

Learn from the Modi story.

This is victimhood, of the highest order. He needs to understand that this politics of victimhood will not help his cause. Not only is it unethical, but it is bad political sense, as well. Abusing Modi has never paid anyone rich political dividends. The Opposition, and media created his larger-than life persona, post-2002, by doing exactly what he is doing now. Some called him a ‘maut ka saudagar’, others ‘mass murderer’. But he did not give in to the demonising attempt. He re-crafted himself as the ‘Vikas Purush’. Just think of the things, the ruling Congress dispensation would have done to ‘trouble’ him, post-2002. He did not have much support even within his own political party- a powerful section of which, wanted him to resign. The Congress government at Centre was ready to do, whatever it takes, to suspend BJP governments all over the country. They made every effort to isolate him. Business houses led by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) moved out of the state. The number of times his MLAs were jailed, and cases were filed, is well recorded in history. Some of those cases turned out to be false, as is given knowledge now. Others were true, and were rightly prosecuted. Despite of all odds, he slowly and steadily re-built himself. He re-crafted himself and made himself the Vikas Purush- we know him as, despite of what our opinion on his brand of development may be.

People don’t support those, who launch mindless personal attacks. They support those, who survive them.

As Modi worked, not only did businesses come back, but he gained praise-worthy national and international capital as well. The more his Opponents attacked him, the larger he became. This is because people don’t support those who launch personal attacks. They support those who survive them!

Governance, is an exercise, that is fundamentally different from electioneering. It requires calm demeanour, and responsible behaviour. High-pitched attacks are for election campaigns.

Write your own story.

This is not to say, that what is happening in Delhi is right. The way some of the Delhi MLAs have been arrested, is shocking indeed. One was picked up from a live Press Conference. That was not necessary; for he is no terrorist. But, by launching a highly personal attack against the Prime Minister, Arvind Kejriwal has lost all the political sympathy, that he may have otherwise received, from the citizens of Delhi.

A simple message to him would be: If there is unlawful interference, fight it quietly in the Courts. People will notice. And, no matter how much they ‘trouble’ you, stick to your slogan of Desh Jaldi Badlega. Keep talking about honest, and effective governance, no matter how much they ‘trouble’ you. Build your own story, against all odds. Don’t just sit and tweet against ‘Modiji’, all day long. It gives the impression that you are not serious about governance. And that perception, will lead to your fall, which will be just as dramatic, as your latest message to common man.

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[1] http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/pm-can-get-me-killed-arvind-kejriwal-says-accusing-the-centre-of-going-after-aap-1436921

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